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Source Original version Win32 Linux Nintendo DS GP2x
1.7 (2009/02/14) FBS website 1.7 (2009/02/06) RPM 1.7 (2009/02/14)
Data RPM 1.7 (2009/02/14)
1.7 (2009/01/30) 1.402 (2006/04/04)

What is Dstroy?

Dstroy is a bomberman-like. It was originally developped FBS in 1995, on DOS. You can find this old version here.

I decided in 2006 to redevelop the game in portable C++, with libSDL.

The game works on Windows, Linux, Nintendo DS, Gp2X, and I hope MacOS.

The source code of the game is under GPL licence. The archive contains Makefile for Linux, devKitPro NDS, devKitGP2X, and a MSVC2008 project.

All data files stay property of FBS.

Some screenshots :